Dress Code Policy

Attached  is the link to the 2020-2021 Woodland Heights Middle School Dress Code. 




2020-2021 Dress Code


Shirts & Blouses


Shirts/blouses must cover the shoulders.

Tank tops or Jerseys (such as NBA jerseys) are permitted but must have a shirt underneath.


Bottom wear


Items allowed include: pants, jogging pants, shorts, athletic shorts, skirts, skorts, cropped/capri pants.




Only hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) purchased from the PTSO are permitted.


Hats and Head Dressings


Neck scarves are only allowed on the neck.



Dress Code Compliance


Students will be expected to meet dress code requirements. Failure to comply with the dress code policy will be handled according to the school discipline procedures.  The procedures are as follows:


1. First dress code offense - - the student will be asked to change into proper attire and assigned an After School Detention (ASD).


2.  Second dress code offense - the student will be asked to change into proper attire and assigned one

day of In-School Suspension (ISS).


3.  Third dress code offense -Chronic failure to comply with the dress code will be treated as insubordination and could be result in out of school suspension (OSS).



2020-2021 Dress Code


Students at WHMS will not be permitted to wear:


  • Exposed undergarments
  • No Pajama bottoms or tops
  • Low riding pants
  • Excessively short or tight garments.  Hands down to the side: clothing should be at mid-thigh level.
  • Garments with exposed skin due to slits, holes, tears, or other design elements.
  • Leggings/yoga pants/spandex pants (unless worn under a skirt or shorts)
  • Shirts that reveal the midriff or torso
  • Strapless, backless, or spaghetti strapped shirts.   
  • Attire with messages or illustrations that are lewd, indecent, vulgar, advertise products or services not permitted by law to minors, or create a disruption to the school environment.
  • See through clothing
  • Attire that exposes excessive cleavage or chest area
  • Any adornment such as chains or spikes that reasonably could be perceived as a weapon
  • Any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with intimidation, violence, or violent groups.
  • No Flip Flops, open-toed shoes or house shoes.
  • NO Facial Piercing other than the ears is permitted.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn in school unless medically prescribed

·         Hair color must be a natural color (brown, black, blonde, and red).

·         Hats, caps, toboggans, feathers, scarves, bandannas, do rags, sweat bands, combs, or brushes in hair cannot be worn in the building.



This dress code policy is subject to change and is at the discretion of the Woodland Heights Middle School Administration.